Liver Balance Plus


Liver Balance Plus
Herbal Formulas from Pure Body Institute of Ventura

Liver Balance PlusFour thousand years ago, the Chinese said the Liver and emotions were linked:

They were right!

Four thousand years ago, the Chinese noted that the Liver and emotions were linked. When the Liver's load is too great, the emotions are effected and usually made "hot." How is this possible? Simply, waste not excreted from the body will then irritate or exacerbate current conditions of the body.

Nine hundred years ago or so, in the Song Dynasty, the Chinese developed two herbal formulas for the Liver. One called "Free and Relaxed Pills" and the other "The Relaxed Wanderer." Both were effective. Liver Balance Plus is a combination of these two formulas with five western herbs added to make one tablet.

The results are in, Liver Balance Plus is now recognized as the most effective and fastest acting Liver formula ever produced!

If the Liver is effected you will notice it in the following areas: Skin irritation, eye irritation, aches and pains, frayed emotions, head aches, low energy, foggy thinking, slow reaction time, fatigue, muscle weakness, congestion and mental stress.

Meet Your Liver:
An Organ behind in its work, and trying to catch up!

The Liver is the largest organ inside the human body. It weighs approximately 1 pound, houses the gallbladder and carries out 100's of functions. The liver filters everything we eat or come in contact with. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, cleanses the blood, metabolizes vitamin A, detoxifies poisonous substances and more! Up to 25% of the liver can be removed and it will still regenerate itself. The Liver may be the most overworked and misunderstood organ in the human body. It filters 24 hours a day. A Liver in prime condition will either convert to fuel or tag for removal all we come in contact with.

Today’s high-speed lifestyle is very taxing on the liver. Your liver’s job is to analyze and “attempt” to excrete, or turn to fuel, all substances you come in contact with. It’s supposed to routinely perform 1000’s of “lifes vital functions” around the clock.

But everyday, we ingest countless sticky, foreign, practically useless chemicals, making this job nearly impossible. As a result, the load on the liver keeps increasing.

Our overworked friend regulates blood sugar, cleanses the blood, stores iron, metabolizes fat, carbohydrates and protein, synthesizes vitamin A, and is the lynch pin of your body’s immune system.

For many, their liver was overwhelmed by age 10. To fully comprehend the tasks your liver is dealing with right now, imagine you are a gardener, a chemist, a sanitation worker, a housekeeper, a soldier on duty, a warehouse / forklift operator and a grocery store clerk, all at the same time.

Now imagine you are 5 months behind in your work.

Are you a candidate for Liver Balance Plus?
Answer the following questions to be sure:

1) Do your moods run you?
2) Do you get headaches?
3) Do you get reoccurring muscle and joint pain?
4) Is it hard to stay in a good mood?
5) Is your vision fuzzy or blurry from time to time?
6) Do you get irritable from time to time?
7) Do you or have you had Gallbladder or Liver problems?
8) Do you have trouble concentrating, feel foggy or slow?
9) Do you run out of energy during the day?
10) Do "things" just build up and get to you?
11) Do you have allergies or congestion?
12) Does an area of your skin frequently burn or itch?
13) Do your eyes burn, get red, irritated or itchy?
14) Do you have insomnia or are you restless?
15) Are you frequently awake between 1:30 to 3:30 A.M.?
16) Do you have "Liver" or "Age Spots"?
17) Is your skin broken out or blemished?
18) Are your emotions on a roller coaster?
19) Do you later have to apologize for your bad moods?
20) Is there always "something" wrong?
21) If you are upset, is it best not to talk to you?
22) Does the cheeriness of others annoy you?
23) Does this list irritate you?

Count your YES answers and see below.
0-3 = Very good! LBP will help you maintain.
4-6 = You would see clear benefit.
7 or more = Serious problem, needs to be resolved.

How does Liver Balance Plus work on emotions?

When you have watched someone blow up, get upset, frustrated, miffed, twisted, hostile, melt down or angry, the problem that they are bothered by is only a symptom. It is not the cause. Something else is at work. The Liver, as the Chinese noted four thousand years ago, influences or colors our emotions. Therefore, if our Liver is carrying too heavy a load, or too heavy a load, over too long a time, our emotions are amplified. Think of the Liver as a stereo amplifier. An amplifier can pass a signal on with no distortion or it can increase its volume. Consequently, A very small problem can seem like Mount Everest. The diagram below is the way a problem might look without LBP.

Liver Balance Plus 240
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Liver Balance Plus 240
240 Tablets
4-8 Week Supply

Liver Balance Plus 120
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Liver Balance Plus 120
120 Tablets
2-4 Week Supply


Suggested Usage:

By Symptom:
Take 5 LBP right when you have a liver symptom. Initially, this could be several times a day.

By practitioner protocol:
Follow your practitioner’s instructions.

Every 2 hours take 3-5 tablets. Cutoff time is 7:00 P.M. Note: Always skip one day a week. LBP can be taken with or without food.
Always skip one day a week. LBP can be taken with or without food.

Notes on the formula:
Liver Balance Plus combines 8 Chinese herbs with 5 more that are western. This remarkable mix was tested and re-tested for 8 years prior to its launch. Also, there is no Milk Thistle in LBP, as Milk Thistle, being a “Liver protector” caused the formula not to work.

The liver's job is to protect you. If you are protecting it, with Milk Thistle, the liver is isolated from the body. A poor functioning or “protected / isolated” liver, cannot filter waste. Thereby, causing your body to be bathed in all sorts of “raw” substance that are not healthy.

Finally, the liver is armed with the self defense mechanism of regeneration. It can take up to 25% damage or loss and still rebuild itself.

(Once you fully learn the signals your liver gives you when it needs help, you will be able to use LBP less frequently.)

For best results use Liver Balance Plus with Kidney Rescue.

Only take these formulas 6 (six) days a week. Resume use after the seventh day.

Bupleurum, Dong Quai Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Dandelion Root, Attractylodes Root, Peony Root, Ginger Root, Poria Cocos, Licorice, Chinese Mint Leaf, Cayenne Fruit, Hyssop Leaf, Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

Contains No Yeast, Soy, Sugars, Starch, Colorings, Dyes or Flavorings.