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Gallery Three:

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IMAGE 3-1:

Face: Notice the slightly swollen or raised areas just below the inside corner of her eyebrows (right and left kidney). Also notice the mole on left and right endocrine strip (immune system). Notice the mole on the right side of her chin (ovaries and uterus). There is also slight creasing just below the corners of her lower lip (hemorrhoids). Notice the slight growths or pimples on her chin (reproductive

Problem: Her colon is clogged due to too much cooked animal protein. This is directly affecting her kidneys and her weak endocrine system. All of this is contributing to her multiple uterine cysts, painful periods and hemorrhoids.

Solution: Eliminate cooked animal protein and watch the cysts to detect if there are other factors (birth control pills, caffeine, etc.) irritating these conditions. Use various herbs for the kidneys as they regulate the reproductive system of both sexes. Eliminate caffeine; drink juices and plentiful amounts of water (dependant on activity level and climate).


IMAGE 3-2:

Face: Blemish at bridge of nose (liver), growths and darkness under left eye (kidney), small growths in the endocrine strip (immune issues / virus issues).

Problem: Poor moods, insomnia, irritated eyes, left shoulder pain. Left low back pain, routine lumbar and low thoracic subluxations. There are also immune system and glandular issues (i.e. hypoglycemia) present.

Solution: Stop drinking beer and smoking marijuana; drink more water, employ citrus, cut out white sugar, added salt and get more sleep. Use herbs to repair circulation, oxygen and energy movement in the body. Use them further to repair kidney function.


IMAGE 3-3:

Face: Crows feet (liver), puffy under eye (kidney), deep smile line (colon).

Problem: Severe colon overloads leading to liver and kidney congestion.

Solution: Eliminate sugar, coffee, breads and dairy products. Increase water consumption and do a good colon cleansing.


IMAGE 3-4:

Face: Puffy right and left eye bags (kidneys), upper smile line puffy (ileocecal valve)

Problem: Right and left kidney swollen, blocked ileocecal valve (causing spasms above right hip).

Solution: Eliminate sugar, caffeine and excess salt. Eat citrus 4-5 times a day and after meals. Use a colon cleanser as needed.


IMAGE 3-5:

Face: Deep furrows and growth at the bridge nose (liver). Bags und both eyes (kidneys). The right corner of the right eye bag area is raised (adrenal gland). Notice the spots on the nose (heart). Notice the creases on the upper lip (heart from a mild stroke). Deep smile lines (colon). The chin area is puff and creased (reproductive issues). Hollow of the right cheek (right lung).

Problem: A mild stroke has affected her whole system and was brought on by smoking, alcohol, caffeine and a poor diet of processed foods. Constipation is also severe.

Solution: Eliminate caffeine, smoking, processed foods including dairy and replace with fresh fruit and vegetables with some egg and avocado protein. Use something to open up and repair circulation. Also use a liver, kidney and heart formula along with a good colon formula.


IMAGE 3-6:

Face: Swollen endocrine strip (Immune system / virus issues). The hollow of the checks (lungs).

Problem: Viral / endocrine weakness due to parasites (Giardia). Chemical exposure and smoking has caused lung weakness.

Solution: Eliminate parasites and support lung function with turmeric, pleurisy root, etc.