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Gallery Two:
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IMAGE 2-1:

No amount of plastic surgery will correct a problem that is caused by what you are doing to the body. What you eat and have exposed yourself brought you here. Surgery will only hide the issue. Surgery is not a solution.


IMAGE 2-2:

Face: Scar on the tip of the nose (heart), middle and low smile lines (transverse
and descending colon).

Problem: Slight weakness in the heart (double beating and skipping a beat), slight

Solution: Cayenne, Hawthorne Berry, Wasabi Japonica and various heart and circu-
lation aiding herbs. Constipation aided by increased water consumption and fewer
processed foods (bread, cookies, rice, pasta and cereals).


IMAGE 2-3:

Face: Slight creasing above the left eyebrow (left side of the bladder). Notice the small growth at the left nostril of her nose (heart = 20% chance of trouble). She has a deep or defined philtrum (indentation on the upper lip below her nose – heart = 20% chance of trouble) Near the mouth, notice the deep crease (descending colon and hemorrhoids). Notice the irritation on her chin (reproductive system).

Problem: A poor diet and energy drinks are causing constipation
(less than 1 elimination per meal eaten) resulting in hemorrhoids.
Her backed up colon is also affecting her bladder and heart
adversely. Her define philtrum guarantees a 20% chance of a heart issues, as does the growth on her left nostril. Both added together give her a 40% chance of a heart Murmur (which she has).

Solution: Cut out use of all energy drinks and caffeine. Immediately eliminate fried and processed foods. Use a good multivitamin while supporting the kidneys, digestion and heart. Heart Murmur = Double beating and or skipping a beat to varying degrees.



IMAGE 2-4:

Face: Right eye bag swelling including slight left eye bag swelling (kidneys). Smile line indentations on the right and left side (colon).

Problem: Medium right kidney swelling and slight left kidney swelling. Colon congestion is present and frequent constipation including hemorrhoids.

Solution: Cut out use of ephedra for weight control and eliminate green tea (full of caffeine). Start using grape juice to help purge the colon. Also reduce salt intake.



IMAGE 2-5:

Face: Crease at bridge of nose (liver), puffy eye bag under both eyes (kidneys), scar on nose (heart), deep smile lines (all parts of the colon) and small moles and creasing on his chin (reproductive system).

Problem: Drinking has caused severe liver and kidney issues; his poor diet full of meat protein has clogged his colon and his reproductive system is in near shut down for the same reasons. His heart is moderately weak as well.

Solution: Cut out all alcohol; switch over to a raw food diet and use a colon formula to open up his congested colon. His heart will respond to cinnamon and grapes, as will his kidneys.


IMAGE 2-6:

Face: Line or scar across the nose (heart). Darkness is present under both eyes (kidneys). Notice the slight puffiness on the chin (reproductive system).

Problem: He has a slight weakness in his heart that was inherited. His kidneys are also a bit weak as is his reproductive system.

Solution: Cut out all caffeinated beverages, fried foods, fast foods and white sugar