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The ability to understand what your body is saying and what it wants, is only a few clicks away. Browse the gallery and when you decide you want to know the subject fully for yourself, get both the book (Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing) and the DVD (The Face and Iris Tell the Truth).

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IMAGE 1-1:

This fellow looks TERRIBLE. That is why I chose him. He has ALMOST every problem one can

1) The horizontal lines on his forehead say WEAK SMALL INTESTINES.

2) The diagonal line above his right eyebrow says WEAK BLADDER.

3) The upper lip, vertical line on his earlobe and the slight bump on his nose all say WEAK HEART.

4) His puffy eyes (bags) say WEAK RIGHT and LEFT KIDNEY.

5) The right outside corner (bean-shaped) of his right eye bag is raised. It represents his swollen / irritated right WEAK ADRENAL GLAND.

6) The furrows at the bridge of his nose & his glassy eyes say WEAK LIVER.

7) His smile lines indicate a WEAK COLON. The uppermost smile line attached at the nostril indicates a WEAK ILEOCECAL VALVE. The ASSENDING COLON follows next. Then comes the TRANSVERSE COLON in the middle of the smile line. The last section nearest the mouth is the DESENDING COLON.


9) His cheekbones are not bad but if they were they would say STOMACH.

10) The hollows of his cheeks are not bad either but if they were they would say LUNGS. In doing face reading, always NOTICE the worst or most dominant area FIRST and work backward. The worst item is often the key to solving the health puzzle. Most problems start with poor digestion due to a bad diet.



IMAGE 1-2:

Face: Very dark circles under the eyes (adrenal gland). Also notice the dark spots
to the outside of her eyes at the corners (adrenal glands). She has slight swelling below her lower lip (reproductive) and slight smile lines near her mouth (descending colon).

Problem: Caffeine and a lack of sleep are burning out her adrenal glands causing low back pain and left shoulder pain. Her diet is full of rice and grains and they arecongesting her colon and irritating her reproductive system.

Solution: Get off coffee and all sweetened drinks. Consume grapes, tomatoes, citrus and fruit juices. Use herbs to support her kidneys.


IMAGE 1-3:

Face: Slight growths and furrows at the bridge of the nose (liver).

Problem: Poor moods brought on by use of Tylenol and other liver irritants. There is also soreness under the right ribcage.

Solution: Use of bupleurum, gentian and other beneficial
liver strengthening herbs, citrus, increased water consumption, skin brushing, hot showers and elimination of all processed oils.



IMAGE 1-4:

Face: Piercings in her right eyebrow (bladder), left lower chin area (reproductive system) and tongue (stomach).

Problem: Piercings are interrupting her bladder, stomach and reproductive system.

Periods are very severe as are bladder infections and acid reflux.

Solution: Remove all piercings and monitor health to determine if dietary changesare needed.



IMAGE 1-5:

Face: Eyebrow piercing (bladder), nose piercing (heart), endocrine strip irritation (immune system / virus issues) and smile lines (colon).

Problem: At 17 he has a body that is breaking down quickly due to his piercings and tattoos. His diet is terrible and full of sugar and caffeine.

Solution: Take out all piercings, do a full liver support program, use herbs to support his immune system and completely upgrade his diet. He needs to flush and rebuild with fresh fruit and veggies.


IMAGE 1-6:

Face: Scar at hairline or upper forehead (intestines), left under eye swelling (kidney),
right endocrine strip (immune system / virus issues), and slight indentations
at the lower smile line (descending colon).

Problem: Built in weakness in the intestines not yet realized. There is also left
kidney and adrenal gland weakness. Hemorrhoids are present and causing routine

Solution: Protect intestines via a diet rich in whole foods. Whole foods such as grapes, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables and citrus heal the kidneys and will correct
her hemorrhoids.

1-7 1-7

IMAGE 1-7:

Face: Creases on the right forehead (small intestines). There is irritation at the bridge of the nose (liver). Notice the dark circle under left eye (left kidney / left adrenal gland). See the slight darkness under right eye (adrenal gland). He also has irritation on the middle part of the nose (heart).

Problem: Alcohol, marijuana use and illegal stimulants are raping his system.

Solution: Eliminate the items listed above and address the diet as needed.

1-8 1-8

IMAGE 1-8:

Face: Blotches on the hollow of his cheeks (lung). Creases
on his left earlobe (Heart). Deep smile lines (colon).

Problem: Forty year smoker, lungs are damaged. Colon is
congested and constipation is routine. Heart is weak and

Solution: Quit smoking, do a major full body Detox, work on
circulation with herbs to open up energy flow in the system.
Eat citrus and grapes.


1-9 1-9

IMAGE 1-9:

This is what poor circulation looks like on the fingernail moons. Notice there are none. Each finger (except the pinky on both hands) should have a moon. The largest is the thumb moon to the smallest at the ring finger.

This problem is solved via a general detox of the system. It is best to include cayenne, wasabi japonica, cinnamon bark and turmeric along with B-vitamins, liver and kidney support.