Life Support


Life Support
Herbal Formulas from Pure Body Institute of Ventura

Life SupportThe most basic component of human life is oxygen.

Health vanishes in the absence of the above factors.

The following problems all have the same root problem: cavity (tooth), broken bone, laceration of the skin, headache & death.

What is it?

Lack of circulation or lack of oxygen. Every problem of the body regardless of the details, has as its basic element these factors.

This is why a toothache hurts.The decay in the tooth has blocked the flow of energy through the tooth. The space (or cavity) has no substance (matter) to conduct energy flow, thus we feel pain.

Where energy flow / circulation / oxygen flow has been repaired, pain dissipates and the body heals itself. Your body is capable of repairing itself naturally if given the chance. All it needs is food, energy, circulation and oxygen.


A healthy body will:

  • Not rapidly gain significant weight
  • Not be overweight
  • Have one elimination or bowel movement per meal consumed
  • Not look older than its age
  • Not have recurring pain or persistent / chronic pain
  • Have somewhat oily skin (on the face)
  • Have supple elastic skin
  • Have fair to good muscle tone
  • Not have dry skin
  • Have hair and nails that grow rapidly
  • Not itch
  • Not have sore joints or muscles
  • Not have acne
  • Not have age spots
  • Not have skin discolorations
  • Have a healthy pink tongue
  • Have moons on all fingers except the pinkies
  • Sleep well
  • Not have uneven emotions
  • Not need coffee or stimulants to start or continue the day


The Equation for Life

Pain is not a normal state to live in. We learn that fire is hot and causes pain. We learn that smashing your thumb with a hammer, hurts. We learn that broken bones and sprains are painful.

The more pain one experiences the more unhappy he will be. Most medications on the market today attempt to block pain. But they do not handle the root of the problem.

Imagine life without pain. Imagine not taking something over the counter to medicate your woes or for that sore ______.

Your body is capable of repairing itself. All it needs is food, energy, circulation & oxygen.

Your life energy / circulation & oxygenation is displayed on your fingernails.
Look at the hands to the left. Notice the white arc shape under the rear of the nails?These are called moons. Each hand should have 4 moons that progress from largest (at the thumb) to smallest (at the ring finger). You should never have a moon on your pinky fingernails.

Your fingernails & moons reflect the health of your vital organs.

Each finger represents a different organ system of your body.

Represents the state of your intestinal tract,
colon and stomach.

Index Finger
Represents your liver and gallbladder (Your
liver regulates your emotions).

Middle Finger
Heart, lungs and general circulation.

Ring Finger
Kidneys, adrenal glands pancreas, sex drive
and reproductive system

Pinky Finger
Demonstrates your lymphatic system, spleen, brain and spine which are regulated by both your liver and kidneys. You should never have moons on either pinky finger.

Much more information on fingernail analysis found in: Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing.

Life Support
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Life Support
120 Veggie Caps
2-4 Week Supply

Instructions For Use Of LIFE SUPPORT

How many: 2-6 Capsules

How Often: 2-4 times a day

Days a week: 6 days a week

How Long: 3 months

Maintenance: As needed

Practitioner Protocol:
Use Life Support alone or with other herbal formulas as your practitioner recommends.
Ingredients in Life Support:
100% Vegetarian Formula
Wasabi Japonica
Cinnamon Bark
Ashwagandha Root
In a base of Beet Root Powder